Beautiful murals made by Jamea richmond-edwards

If you’ve ever strolled along the streets of Atlanta, you may have noticed the vibrant and eye-catching murals that have been gracing the walls of the cityscape. These murals are the work of Jamea Richmond-Edwards, an artist who seeks to bring transformation and uplift in marginalized communities by creating large-scale art pieces that can be enjoyed by many.

Richmond-Edwards graduated as a double major in art and Spanish from Clark Atlanta University before she began studying muralism in Guanajuato, Mexico. In her travels throughout Mexico, she developed a deep admiration for mural painting, which led her to pursue a Masters’ degree in Fine Arts while continuing her career as an Atlanta muralist.

In 2016, she founded Paint Love, an organization with the mission to use art to make communities thriving and dynamic spaces with possibility. In 2019, Paint Love was awarded first place in People’s Choice for Best Public Art at Art Rise Atlanta’s Arts Festival. Through this organization, Richmond-Edwards has worked on projects ranging from murals for Atlanta BeltLine locations to beautifying educational centers and affordable housing organizations throughout the city.

Richmond-Edwards’ murals portray powerful messages of equity and connection in the communities they adorn. Each of them is thoughtfully designed both aesthetically and rooted in deeper meaning that celebrates people’s stories of struggle and celebration. One particular piece, entitled “Beauty from Brutality” is a tribute to civil rights activists Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy Sr., and Mrs. Rosa Parks that pays homage to their prolific activism within the African American community during the civil rights movement in Atlanta.

These colorful masterpieces created by Richmond-Edwards grace many walls throughout Atlanta. From large corporate buildings to simple residential homes, her work brings vibrancy into public forums that haven’t always been uplifted before. Through her art, Jamea Richmond-Edwards hopes to create permanent reminders of joy, resilience and belonging everywhere she paints–and is doing just that!

Local artist Jamea Richmond-Edwards is creating stunning visual murals throughout neighborhoods in Maryland. Her empowering artwork is colorful, bold, and larger than life. Taking many forms, each mural speaks to the unique character of both the artist and community that it adorns.

Richmond-Edwards’ work often feature images and symbols of black excellence, culture, love, and strength. Often times pulling from African-American history and culture, she celebrates the beauty and power of blackness. Recently, she completed a mural in Boys N Girls town located in West Baltimore. This piece features two figures entwined in an embrace with vibrant greens, blues, yellows and purples. The homage to unity seeks to remind us all of our innate ability to connect with each other during tough times.

In addition to being a visual statement adding color to local neighborhoods, her murals are also a call to action for activism causes such as environmental justice and gender equality. She has been fortunate enough to have numerous private commissions come her way in recent years due to their popularity and her skillful artistry.

The works of this talented artist are coveted rare gems; they soothe the soul and create compelling conversations that remind us that together we can move mountains, And continue to tear down oppressive systems. When one views these masterful pieces of art all that can be said is wow! If you’re ever in the Baltimore area make sure you get a glimpse of these treasures made by Jamea Richmond-Edwards; you won’t be disappointed!